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Listed by wood sort. Click on photo to enlarge. Please note that most models shown in the different woods are also available in other woods.

Steamed Redheart Beech

living room1A very good example of how a light living room setting could look. The sturdy design of the 1240 sofa set with its beautifully curved arms is quite a perfect match with the 1511 coffee tables (shown with slate top) in 50 mm thickness. Our frames are made in a number of different woods and can be combined with a large selection of leathers or fabrics.

The photo shows:

  • 1240H high back chair w/leather 40516 Tomato
  • 1240A/2 2-seater sofa w/leather 40516 Tomato
  • 1240A/3 3-seater sofa w/leather 40516 Tomato
  • 1511A Coffee table
  • 1511C End table
  • 7712 Captain’s bar
  • TV1-8 TV cabinet
  • 1188M Wall hanging cabinet



Steamed Beech

It is often quite difficult to find finishing pieces that you need to make the room complete. But within the dyrlund collection there are superb coffee tables, nests of tables and TV cabinets, most of which are offered in a number of different woods – most are quite expensive but will last for many years to come.The beautiful arch cabinets are quite impressive when used as a wall unit.

The photo shows:

  • 1230 easy chair w/Comfort 9080
  • 1230H high back chair w/Comfort 9080
  • 1230FS footstool w/Comfort 9080
  • 1230A/2 2-seater sofa w/Comfort 9080
  • 1230A/3 3-seater sofa w/Comfort 9080
  • 9256 coffee table
  • 9256E end table
  • 8312 nest of tables
  • 1190A wall unit


Our cushions are quite firm making them easy to get in and out of. And they hold up well even after many years of use. because of the sturdy wooden frames and easily replacable cushions they seem to last well – with full family use – for years and years and years. The wall units from both rosenborg and frederiksborg are very flexible and allow you to build a combination that matches your specific requirements.

The photo shows:

  • 1250 easy chair w/leather 40505 Green
  • 1250/2 2-seater sofa w/leather 40505 Green
  • 1250/3 3-seater sofa w/leather 40505 Green
  • 9256S coffee table
  • 9256E end table
  • 8312 nest of tables
  • K1 frederiksborg wall unit combination



wooden sofa setWhile our upholstery is not inexpensive, it is built to last. The 5 degree edge of the 1260K sofa set creates a very different, some might say contemporary look, than that of the 1260 sofa set. It can also be delivered with coffee- and end tables.

The photo shows:

  • 1260K easy chair w/Comfort 0049
  • 1260HK high back chair w/Comfort 0049
  • 1260FSK footstool w/Comfort 0049
  • 1260K/2 2-seater sofa w/Comfort 0049
  • 1260K/3 3-seater sofa w/Comfort 0049
  • 9258K coffee table
  • 9256EK end table
  • K4 frederiksborg wall unit combination


The high back sofa, 1260HK, provides excellent back support.It is shown here together with the Kurt Østervig designed cabinet used for TV.

The photo shows:

  • 1260HK high back chair w/leather 40515 Royal
  • 1260HK/2 2-seater high back sofa w/leather 40515 Royal
  • 1260HK/3 3-seater high back sofa w/leather 40515 Royal
  • 9258K coffee table
  • 9256EK end table
  • 0179-3 TV cabinet – Kurt Østervig design


Our 1511 tables are available with a solid top as alternative to the slate top. Also, the cushions for 1240 sofa are available with two options; as a single wide cushion for the 2 seater sofa if you do not want a gap on the 2-seater and only a single gap on the 3-seater instead of the standard 2 cushions for 2-seater and 3 cushions for 3-seater.

The photo shows:

  • 1240 easy chair w/leather 40515 Royal
  • 1240/2 2-seater sofa w/leather 40515 Royal
  • 1240/3 3-seater sofa w/leather 40515 Royal
  • 1511D coffee table
  • 1511F end table
  • 1511G end table
  • 1190B wall unit combination



Our frederiksborg wall system enables you to create a very versatile wall fully utilizing your room. The unique corner pieces make it possible to wrap the wall system around both inside and outside corners, and extendes shelves can be used to bridge over doors or even over a sofa.

The photo shows:

  • 1613 easy chair with P1613 upholstered sides
  • 1613-2 2-seater sofa with P1613 upholstered sides
  • 1613-3 3-seater sofa with P1613 upholstered sides
  • 9256 coffee table
  • frederiksborg wall unit combination


An alternative to the wall units, which have traditionally been made using rails, dyrlund has a number of single pieces, which can be positioned free standing to creates a lighter wall unit setup than by using room teak 1

Here shown with our highboard, which is 155 cm high and manufactured in asymmetric sections together with our single door china cabinet, while the TV cabinet can be found in the middle with wall hanging shelves above it. Nicely combined with the highback sofa set and light, elegant coffee table.

The photo shows – Please click on the photo for a better closeup of the table and wall unit:

  • 1260H highback chair w/Wales 98
  • 1260H/2 highback 2-seater w/Wales 98
  • 1260H/3 highback 3-seater w/Wales 98
  • 1260FS footstool w/Wales 98
  • 1254-85×85 coffee table w/shelf
  • 1182-64M china cabinet
  • TV3-3 TV cabinet
  • 1176-163M wall hanging shelf
  • 1176-112M wall hanging shelf
  • 1141M highboard


In this photo you can see that the runners of the 1220 sofa allow it to be pushed rather than lifted when cleaning is needed underneath. All our drawers are mounted on telescopic drawers slide with full extension giving you full access to the drawer, and open with a minimum of effort. Another quality sign of our work is that we manufacture the inside of our drawers in the same type of solid wood as the cabinet. This attention to detail is not usually found with other manufacturers.

The photo shows:

  • 1220 easy chair w/Comfort 0049
  • 1220/3 3-seater sofa w/Comfort 0049
  • 9285S coffee table
  • 9258E end table
  • 8414 side table w/shelf
  • K2 frederiksborg wall unit combination

This light setting features our 1190M arch cabinets and our 1613 sofa set. 1613 also comes with highback easy chair and footstool.

The photo shows:

  • 1613 easy chair w/Comfort 0013
  • 1613/2 2-seater sofa w/Comfort 0013
  • 1613/3 3-seater sofa w/Comfort 0013
  • 9256 coffee table
  • 9256E end table
  • 1190 wall unit combination

As an alternative to the wall units consisting of cabinets we here omitted the built-in cabinets and instead added a secretary giving it more of a library look. The wall unit system is available in 3 standard depths and further customization of both depth and width gives you practically unlimited options of building up a wall system that can easily fit into any room size, in one of the many woods we offer.

The photo shows:

  • 1210 easy chair w/leather 40502 T-red
  • 1210/2 2-seater sofa w/leather 40502 T-red
  • 1210/3 3-seater sofa w/leather 40502 T-red
  • 1599A armchair w/leather 40502 T-red
  • 9256S coffee table
  • 1152M bureau
  • 8312 nest of tables
  • K11 frederiksborg wall unit / bookcase combination

We recently re-introduced 25 mm veneered block board in our new rosenborg range. Rosenborg is therefore a less expensive alternative to the top of the line all solid 30 mm frederiksborg system. The fronts and drawers are still made in solid wood with exactly the same high quality hardware used in all our systems.

The photo shows:

  • 1260 easy chair w/leather 40505 Green
  • 1260/2 2-seater sofa w/leather 40505 Green
  • 1260/3 3-seater sofa w/leather 40505 Green
  • 9257 coffee table
  • VK2 rosenborg wall unit combination


Most of our sofa sets are available in both low back and high back versions. We also offer customization by increasing the length of the legs up to 3 cm to improve your seating comfort even further if you are very tall.

The photo shows:

  • 1240H highback chair w/Comfort 9083
  • 1240AH/2 2-seater high back sofa w/Comfort 9083
  • 1260AH/3 3-seater high back sofa w/Comfort 9083
  • 1240FS footstool
  • 1511A coffee table w/slate top
  • 1511C end table w/slate top
  • 1511H end table w/slate top
  • K3 frederiksborg wall unit combination


In this photo the frederiksborg wall unit is shown with a continous top board covering the bottom cabinets, with the upper units sitting on top instead of our “usual” rail system with sides going all the way through from floor to top. Both options are, however, available both in the all solid frederiksborg range or the veneered block board version, rosenborg. In addition, some of our cabinets or wall systems can be used as a room divider as they are beautifully finished on the front and back, which allow them to be free standing. However, customisation that you have doors /drawers on both sides is also possible

Our soft-close hinges on the doors and full extension slides with soft-close mechanism in our drawers ensure easy and elegant operation.

Both systems additionally offer you the option of either a standard framed door, or plain doors.

The photo shows:
frederiksborg wall unit combination

Both our rosenborg and frederiksborg wall units and cabinets are now available with plain doors as an alternative to the standard framed doors. This gives both systems a completely different look as you can see.

The photo shows:

  • 1260 easy chair w/leather 40505 Green
  • 1260/2 2-seater sofa w/leather 40505 Green
  • 9257 coffee table
  • 9256E end table
  • VK rosenborg wall unit combination w/plain doors


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