The dyrlund collection includes a number of very unique pieces that are worth elaborating on. Below we focus on      some of them.

Our secretaries are very useful and can easily be integrated into dining-, living room or bedroom spaces due to their functionality. In the video shown above you can see just one example of how the all solid 1152M with framed doors can be used in combination with a laptop and wireless or even cable connected printer.

The photo to the right shows the 1952S rosenborg secretary with plain doors.

Although the shell of this cabinet is veneer on block board the drawer front, doors, and upper section as well as its tambour door is made of solid wood.

Shown on the photo in teak:

1952S rosenborg secretaire with plain door – click on the photo for more detailed photos.

8479AL armchair with leather 40505 forest.








occasiona newThe beautiful and very modern 5252K secretary desk has sides and top with 5 degree edges, which is nice and finger-friendly and matches the “K” versions of our other models.

The model is made primarily for laptop pcs and therefore there is no removable drawers in the upper section, which our other secretary models have. We have, however, maintained the feature that the upper section can be locked when the tambour door is closed like our other secretaries.

Also please notice that the two doors are made of one piece of wood to make the grain through going and makes a nice appearance when closed, in combination with the solid tamboor door, which is in the same horizontal direction.

The metal handles are very stylish and modern made in excellent quality and good to touch.

The photo shows the following in redheart beech:
5252K secretary – click on photo for more detailed photos.


5252K2 After introducing the “original” 5252K secretary we got a many requests for the same style of edges but without the metal handles that some customers find disturbing and instead prefer the recessed handles we make. As a result we designed the 5252K/2.

Click on photo to see both open and closed.

The photo shows the following in redheart beech:
5252K/2 secretary desk




Our sharp edged edged secretary 5152Z has a more contemporary look.It has exactly the same features as our more rounded models maintaining the same high level of craftsmanship. Notice the square recessed handles and the inside parts which although having a sharper edge still require a lot of hand finishing. The more detailed photos show the secretary desk closed also as well as other details.

The photo shows the following in redheart beech:
5152Z secretary – click on photo for more detailed photos.




The oldest piece in the dyrlund range is the timeless 7712 Captains bar, which still appeals to many. We have updated it from a combination of brass and stainless steel, to all stainless steel giving it a more contemporary look. Click on the photo to see more details.

The photo shows the following in cherry:
7712 Captains bar – click on the photo for more details.




It is often very difficult to find those matching pieces that you that you often need to make the room complete. But within the dyrlund collection there are not only superb coffee tables and TV cabinets but also our very beautiful nests of table.

Most of our pieces are offered in a number of different woods, and are of course hand finished by our expert craftsmen to last for many years to come.

The photo shows the 8314 nest of tables in teak.




Our deluxe secretary model is the 1152M with its functional and pleasant leather writing pad (which can be supplied in same leather as on the matching chairs). With lockable tambour and drawer section not to mention the hand finished drawers still maintaining outlet for laptop cables and space for binders or printer behind the doors below there is a number of useful features in this unique model.

The photo shows the following in teak:
1152M secretary desk
1599A armchair w.leather 114 coffee

If you click on the picture you will also see the 1152M secretary in redheart beech.



5942K writing desk is a new and lighter addition to the collection of secretairies offering easy storage of a laptop.

The photo shows the following in redheart beech:
5942K laptop desk – click on the photo for more details.
8477AL armchair w.leather 40516 tomato




Our newly developed 1141M asyncronic designed cabinet offer a lot of storage as well as beautiful details that really shows the high level of craftsmanship. Click on photo for more details.

The photo shows the following in walnut:
1141M highboard






The light and elegant 1178M display cabinet with open sides together with the very functional dining table with integrated flap leaf offers a beautiful dining room setting. Click on photo for more details.

The photo shows the following in teak:
1178M display cabinet
9224C/1 dining table w/1 flap leaf
1591 chair with standard leather 114 coffee


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