5252K Secretary Desk

Teak 5252K Secretary Desk

Shown on the photo:

5252Ksecretaire desk

The beautiful and very modern 5252K secretary desk has sides and top with 5 degree edges, which is nice and finger-friendly and matches the “K” versions of our other models.

The model is made primarily for laptop pcs and therefore there is no removable drawers in the upper section, which our other secretary models have. We have, however, maintained the feature that the upper section can be locked when the tambour door is closed like our other secretaries.

Also please notice that the two doors are made of one piece of wood to make the grain through going and makes a nice appearance when closed, in combination with the solid tamboor door, which is in the same horizontal direction.

The metal handles are very stylish and modern made in excellent quality and good to touch.