Oak Living Room with K4 Frederiksborg Wall Unit Combination

Shown on the photo:

1260Keasy chair w/Comfort 0049
1260HKhigh back chair w/Comfort 0049
1260FSKfootstool w/Comfort 0049
1260K/22-seater sofa w/Comfort 0049
1260K/33-seater sofa w/Comfort 0049
9258Kcoffee table
9256EKend table
K4frederiksborg wall unit combination

While our upholstery is not inexpensive, it is built to last. The 5 degree edge of the 1260K sofa set creates a very different, some might say contemporary look, than that of the 1260 sofa set. It can also be delivered with coffee- and end tables.