Teak Living Room with Bookcase Combination

Shown on the photo:

1210easy chair w/leather 40502 T-red
1210/22-seater sofa w/leather 40502 T-red
1210/33-seater sofa w/leather 40502 T-red
1599Aarmchair w/leather 40502 T-red
9256Scoffee table
8312nest of tables
K11frederiksborg wall unit / bookcase combination

As an alternative to the wall units consisting of cabinets we here omitted the built-in cabinets and instead added a secretary giving it more of a library look. The wall unit system is available in 3 standard depths and further customization of both depth and width gives you practically unlimited options of building up a wall system that can easily fit into any room size, in one of the many woods we offer.