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On below menu bars you will find our collection of residential furniture – please click on dining room, living room, bedroom or occasional for photos and more information.

Below we are showing you examples of our capabilities in terms of wall unit setups and special requirements to inspire you on the next dyrlund piece you might be interested in purchasing.

Single pieces in custom design.

A customer felt that our standard 2181M china cabinet (shown to the right) was too high for their needs so they requested reduced height but still wanted to maintain the tall glass doors and were most pleased with the solution using smaller wooden doors below. This reduced the height to 183 cm / 72″





Another customer wanted the 1182M china cabinet in reduced width. The result was a slim looking cabinet with top board width 85 cm / 33½” as shown to the left. Please note the plain doors, which we offer as alternative to most of our framed doors.

In addition to our standard corner cabinet 1193M (to the right) some customers prefer to have an open section in the upper part rather than a large door, which also brings a nice appearance and was very satisfactory for our customer to be able to get this solution.





The width of our doors can also be reduced even though this is a solution, which requires quite a few changes in our production. One of our customers really wanted the 1103M sideboard (shown to the right) but their wall did not have enough space to accommodate it. We offered the solution of reducing the doors yet still maintaining standard drawers to keep the extra charge for this adjustment to a minimum to the delight of the customer. The total width thus became 138,2 cm / 54½”.




Another customer was very interested in the 1154M 4-door sideboard but really would like to have a double drawer section instead of the 2 small drawers in the middle (shown to the left). Presenting their wishes to us we recommended to change the design of the sideboard and ended up with this design to the delight of our customer.




One customer wanted to have a wall mounted cabinet which only should be used for display and no storage and therefore the depth should be reduced from our standard. They were very happy about the solution we offered them as per drawing below, where the cabinet ended up in standard width 112 cm / 44½” – height 69 cm / 27½” and the custom depth of 25,5 cm / 10½” (top board depth – inside cabinet depth being 15,38 cm / 6½”)



Wall units
In addition to the different tv cabinets from our standard collection it is possible to build up a rather unique combination such as the one shown below. Here the tv will be flanked by two upper cabinets with plinth added on.





A great number of custom adjustments are possible in the dyrlund range. Some examples are shown below to give you an idea.






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